Slim down your app


The client is selling motorbike parts in a physical location and online. When they approached us, we quickly realized they already have a responsive website (online shop) and two native apps for mobile users.


The problem

Every new feature in their Webshop needed to be implemented again for the Android and iOS apps. The item availability (stock) isn't synced properly and therefore customers would complain about items being available in the mobile app while already sold-out.

The goal

Get rid of separate apps ("write once")

Leverage responsive web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS) when adding new features

Implement features once, use them everywhere (cross-device &Β cross-platform reusable code)


The solution

We created a hybrid native app using CapacitorJS.

  • The apps are still discoverable in the AppStore/PlayStore
  • Add new features? Just modify the webshop. Done.
  • Everything stays in sync.
  • Client is not dependent on the goodwill of the App developer.



Make your clients independent. Simplify architectures. πŸ‘‰ Avoid vendor lock-ins.